Interesting facts about Chile

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    Chile is home to some of the most diverse landscapes on Earth. It stretches from Peru to the tip of Patagonia.

    Chile produces a rich crop of fresh fruit. The region is nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

    The ribbon shaped country was home to poet Pablo Neruda, a Nobel prize winner.

    Do you have any more interesting facts about Chile?
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    cool facts about Chile

    #90% of the population is Roman Catholic
    #Spanish language is the official language in Chile
    #Chile got its independence from Spain on 18th September 1810.
    #The national game of Chile is soccer.
    #There are over 1500 volcanoes in Chile, out of which 90 are active volcanoes.

  3. wanderer

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    Many of the eco-tours can bring you up close to the can hike, bike and swim along side these natural wonders.
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    The country is officially called the Republic of Chile.
    It's an average of 109 miles wide and is 2,700 miles long!
    It's home to diverse animals like the pudu deer, big cats like the puma, and some amazing birds.
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    great facts about Chile

    I love reading about random facts on various countries around the globe. I enjoyed these ones too about Chile too! I do know once weird fact that the US backed dictator Pinochet on September 11, 1973 who seized the country...isn't weird that it happen on 9/11 also?
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    more facts about Chile

    Chile is the home of two Nobel Prize winning poets, Gabriela Mistral, and Pablo Neruda. Chile also has the world's most arid desert - the Atacama desert. Another interesting fact about Chile is that it's around 100 miles wide east to west.
  7. mitraveler

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    I wouldn't have guessed that the most arid desert in the world was in Chile. That's a really cool fact!
  8. mitraveler

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    I just saw some fresh fruit from Chile in my grocery store. I was shocked to see summer fruit in March, but those nectarines sure tasted good.
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    Along with the Atacama Desert for the heat, Chile has the coolness of the Andes covering the country from the north to Torres del Paine to the south. Off the Pacific coast, visitors can make the boat trip to mysterious Easter Island to see the massive stone carvings.

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