International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Gaming' started by chickpeaz, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. chickpeaz

    chickpeaz New Member

    I just came back from the CES in Vegas and I gotta say that it was superb being there seeing Sony and Panasonic face off each other and unveiling their prototype 56'' Ultra HD TVs. Neither company gave details of price, and technical specifications but I know I'll be buying one of them when they finally make it to market. By the way, there are two more days of CES (until Jan 11)..worth making it there if you're a gadget buff like me;)
  2. springbloom1

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    iCES Las Vegas

    hey man, how much you paid for being there? i love my gadgets too but the CES is such a rip off in my opinion. I have seen a 56'' tv before on sale a while back and even though it was lower technology it was about $70,000. These new 56'' ultra hd will prob fetch around $140,000 or more, which is ridiculous for a tv....32" or 40" is more than fine for me.
  3. chickpeaz

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    Re: iCES Las Vegas

    I got in for $100 though I think now it would be something like $200, which seems pricey but for me it is definitely worth the entrance fee because of the mesmerizing amount of technology you get to see and the atmosphere, in general, is electrifying...Snooki and Dennis Rodman were there for some bizarre reason (lol)
  4. jigaPatel

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    Vegas CES is amazing

    I have been going to the Consumer Electronics Show for years now and I am afraid to say that the WOW factor isn't getting less every year. On that note, it was great to see and learn about the NEXT generation 3D TV, OLED television, Ultra-Notebooks, and everything next generation cameras, smartphones, and iPad look alike tablets.

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