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Discussion in 'Iowa' started by owntrav, Mar 22, 2009.

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    I was after some information on Iowa's state fair? do you know when is held ?
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    Hi Travis,

    The Iowa State Fair has come a long way since it was moved from Fairfield. Before it came to Des Moines, it was moved to a number of different cities, including Dubuque and Cedar Rapids.

    It was finally moved to its permanent location in Des Moines in 1879, and today more than one million visitors attend the Iowa's State Fair.

    The Iowa State Fair will be held this year from the 13th to the 23rd of August in Des Moines with music acts lined up such as Kelly Clarkson, Journey, etc.

    Many fair goers choose to tent and camp out at the grounds. However, reservations are only taken for campers staying the whole 15-day camping period, so be aware of that.

    Hope this helps

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