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Discussion in 'Destination360 Copyright and DMCA settlements' started by d360, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. d360

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    Well I'm not one for wishing bad things on people but their business model irked many developers included myself so goodriddens. Studio360 is working on solutions to transistion companies to a stable platform that doesn't require licensing software or proprietary software to run their virtual tours. Contact me if your looking to convert your IPIX virtual tours to Java or Quicktime.
  2. d360

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    After looking at several options for photographers with existing IPIX setups or someone looking to buy into a product I'd recommend you look at

    Panoweaver for stitching virtual tours. This will allow you to stitch images 360x180 images there's also an area to check for compatiable equipment which I'd highly recommend before purchasing.

    Tourweaver for creating an interactive map with compass effect. You can also create a personalized viewer skin and customized walkthrough.

    I'll post up my samples the next chance I get.
  3. bugger

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    So D I have a Coolpix 4500 will this work with the software your talking about?
  4. d360

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    Hi Bugger,

    Yes it will work. On their site you can find a list of the the cameras that will work.

  5. thecount

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    Hi, a while ago you mentioned studio360.com were looking at options with people who had ipix solutions after they went into liquidation?

    I am looking for a solution for a two shot system I have. I also noticed they had some examples in FLash! and they are really smooth - have a look - wow, that would be perfect, I always hated Java and QUicktime isn't as big as flash either. can you point me in any directions? studio360 seem to be providers rather than advisers?
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    I work in Hollywood as a location scout. A few years ago, a lot of us got the iPIX gear with the Nikon Coolpix 8700 and the 2-shot FishEye .. the E9.

    It worked great. We loved it. Then what really sucked is that I think iPIX knew the end was coming in summer of 2007, because my Uncle bought a ton of iPIX gear and software two weeks before they went poof last August 2007.

    This burned a lot of people including me. Luckily we discovered Voyager 360 and they helped us KEEP our iPIX investment by getting us the software and hosting we needed to get back in the game. The strongest thing I can say about Voyager is: NO complaints with the Better Business Bureau in any state, and no lawsuits that we could find. Plus their phone training is rather unique. They actually call you back and train you step-by-step on how to use the equipment and software. B + H photo won't do that. Neither will Kaidan, or 0-360 or many more companies.

    iPIX somehow came back and that Ford Ox... something guy from Mind Vision runs it. We tried calling them a few months ago but after leaving five voice mails and not getting any return call... it's pretty clear this guy is just proving a point in that iPIX stepped on a Mind Vision copyright a few years ago. The iPIX company isn't coming back as evidenced by WORSE customer service now than ever before.

    - Joshua Coppola

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