is a 4x4 rental required in Aruba?

Discussion in 'Aruba' started by bruseforsith, May 14, 2015.

  1. bruseforsith

    bruseforsith New Member

    Most roads in Aruba are really good so for the most part you can get a way with a normal car. The only time you will need a 4x4 is when driving to the Natural Pool and the caves in Guadirikiri, or along the north coast of Aruba where roads are not paved at all. By the way, the Natural Pool and caves in Guadirikiri are located within the Arikok National Park and the park does charge a conservation fee if on your own.
  2. DJ.Krush

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    Aruba is a dream to drive in especially compared to other islands and cars are not expensive to rent. Worth the car rental if you want to visit the Old Fisherman which takes about 1 hour walk...too hot.
  3. GereIam

    GereIam New Member

    That's what I love about Aruba. It is so small that everything of interest is close by. the roads are nice and driving is not stressful at all, though many of the roads are not identified by signage. Do watch out for rural roads as they have many potholes.

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