Is a passport needed to get into Gibraltar?

Discussion in 'Gibraltar' started by ukus, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. ukus

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    If you're a EU citizen or your country is part of the EU, you don't need a passport to enter Gibraltar since Gibraltar is in the EU. All you need is an EU ID card to cross between Gibraltar and Spain. Most ID cards issued by governments of European countries are valid EU travel documents, but you need to check with your government.
  2. PedroM

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    If you're from the UK, note that Gibraltar is under British jurisdiction and is not part of the EU (Schengen) but you since you will need to transit through Spain to get there you will need a Schengen visa. The easiest way to obtain this, is through your nearest Spanish Embassy in the UK.
  3. popo00

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    This is true about Gibraltar, you require a passport or Id Card because Gibraltar is not part of Shengen. As a general rule if you need a Visa for UK you will need a Visa for Gibraltar. Also, dont forget that to enter Gibraltar and return to Spain you must have a Multiple Visa for Schengen.
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    Gibraltar is such a confusing place.. it is part of the EU but the 'Schengen area' is not part of the 'European common customs and VAT area' so customs duty controls take place. Passport OR an EU ID card is ok, unless you are from a country outside of the EU. In which case, you will need your passport.

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