is Darien Gap accessible?

Discussion in 'Panama' started by renderurhert, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. renderurhert

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    anyone on this forum travelled to Darien Gap? do you know the best way to access it? or should we book a guided tour? if so, where ? any ideas are appreciated?
  2. Danny

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    I've heard great things about the Darien Gap province that it's an absolute paradise for adventure travelers and eco-tourists.

    Darien Gap is a truly remote area and the only settlements here are small villages and indigenous groups, and to get to the Darien Gap Panama interior, you'll have to go by boat, foot or plane.

    If you are headed to Darien Gap Panama, you will most likely end up first in the regional capital city of La Palma. It is certainly the most populated town in the province, and the easiest from which to plan excursions or tours.
  3. Sanblasman

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    You now require permission from the government agency to enter the Darien region and it is heavily policed in many areas and they will not allow to wander off into the National Park without a local guide and even then it all depends on the current security situation. The region is home to bandits, people and drug smugglers, Farc and other undesirables. That said it is a beautiful and unspoilt natural habitat that is begging to be discovered by the adventurous. There are tours to the Darien but currently they are very expensive but hopefully that will change soon, and maybe a hostel will finds its way into one of the towns in the region.

    As Danny said it is hard to access by road. Once you arrive on the main highway by bus it is then usually a long boat ride into the wilderness to the more remote towns and villages, much of the Pacific region can only be accessed by plane or boat.

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