Is Egypt getting more stable?

Discussion in 'Egypt' started by mitraveler, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    It's been more than a year since the protests, so how are things going? Is it time to go back to Egypt?
  2. enemygates

    enemygates New Member

    Egypt's tourist spots are okay

    that's a hard one to answer to be honest, are u planning to go?..there's a travel warning advisory yet many people are still traveling there. Generally, Egypt's tourist spots like Sharm and Hurghada are open for business and Nile cruises are operating as normal.
  3. jennifer1234

    jennifer1234 New Member

    Egypt has always been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.
  4. Prendomino

    Prendomino New Member

    don't bother with travel advices

    Egypt has always had its doors opened to the world...don't bother with travel advices particularly coming from the site. The reavel warning is such a joke and doesn't actually inform you why there's unrest in the country. Let me illustrate by writing one sentence from the paragraph: "Due to the significant increase in the risk of criminal activity...". Criminal activity isn't the reason why there's a revolution in Egypt and people are protesting.
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Re: Egypt's tourist spots are okay

    I'm not sure where I want to go next. I have a million ideas!
  6. amiramo

    amiramo New Member

    well if you plan on coming to Egypt, i'd suggest avoiding protest sites, dont go to tahrir square or any of the places that demonstrations happen, places like Luxor and Aswan are generally safe, though they are not crowded at all (considering that they usually are). sinai had some kidnappings im afraid, so if u go dont wander off on ur own, Cairo and Alexandria are the main city with protests but currently they are not intensified but probably will in the upcoming days (political reasons)- protests are usually on friday, everything is normal the rest of the week
  7. worldtravelhub

    worldtravelhub New Member

    Now that elections in Egypt are over. All seems much more settled. But even during the last year Egypt was safe at tourist locations (Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh...)
  8. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Thanks for all of the updates! It seems like there are still some pockets in instability, but it's usually pretty safe in the tourist areas. I appriciate the input.

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