Is England in Europe?

Discussion in 'UK' started by colfax, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. colfax

    colfax New Member

    I was standing in line with my daughter at Disney world and met a gentleman from the U.K. and I asked what he Thought about being in the E.U., He very politely let me know that the U.K. was not part of Europe. I'll let him know that it is on destination 360:)
  2. ftuley

    ftuley New Member

    Historically and politically, the answer is "Yes, England is part of Europe.
    Well, physically it is not part of Europe because England is part of the British Isles. But politically, it is in Europe although there are some European things which England isn't part of.
  3. colfax

    colfax New Member

    How will that work with Britain not changing from the Pound? Will that eventually change?
  4. ftuley

    ftuley New Member

    That would be good, I would rather have Euros because when go to Portugal I pay far to much to change money. But to tell you the truth... I can't see that ever happening , they wont let go of the Queen money.
  5. colfax

    colfax New Member

    So whats the difference in saying Britain vs England? Got reprimanded by an angry Englander but was not given the reson.
  6. youngmoney

    youngmoney New Member

    politically it is not part of the European Union thats why they are not using the euro currency but geographically it is
  7. orik

    orik New Member

    Well, England Is a part Of E.U.

    But There is Difference and types between E.U. Countries.

    Some E.U. Countries Are pure European countries and are trying for Unique Europe - Making It The Power Against The USA. And generally these countries "Dont Like" USA and Turkey. Because they see these countries as a danger for them and for Unique Europe.

    But G.Britain Is different. Has Very Good Relations With USA and Turkey. And Even Wants Turkey To Be Part Of E.U.
    G.Britain Dont Even Want To Have Unique Europe As An One Country. Probably Because of It s geographical situation.

    You see, G.Britain is More likely to be NATO Country Than E.U. Country. If you ask me, I Will Say It Is NATO Country. Britain Doesnt Even Try To Keep strong The uniqueness Of Europe (Because The Pupose Of E.U. Is such That Can Interfere England's Interests Within NATO Countries)
  8. Tre4

    Tre4 New Member

    England is most definitely part of the EU politically. They have just chosen however not to be part of the Euro currency.

    Geographically it is also part of Europe. The confusion might be "Continental Europe" or "Mainland Europe" which excludes the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Ireland and Iceland.
  9. nab82ba

    nab82ba New Member

    I think the confusion is just that English and indeed many British people dont want to be associated with Europe, hence the fact that the Euro is not used in Britain and also the fact that everytime the EU gains more powers there is an outcry in Britain.

    But offically England and indeed Britain are a part of Europe and the EU.
  10. intooosl

    intooosl New Member

    England is not in mainland Europe nor it's part of the European Union.
  11. northerncypr

    northerncypr New Member

    I am new one in this Thread,

    Here discussion going through about England and Europe.
  12. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Hello northerncypr! Welcome, we're glad to have you!

    That is a good question. England is part of the European Union and on the continent of Europe, so it's safe to say yes.
  13. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Hello to you! Welcome to the forum. There are a ton of great articles on England on Destination360's website, which you can find by following this link for UK articles .
  14. speedoflight

    speedoflight New Member

    Say what!? Of course England is part of the EU... In some places they even accept payment in Euros, although the price is slight different obviously. The island itself is not physically attached to the european continent but it is considered part of it...
  15. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    While it's most defo part of Europe and the European Union, I think there's still a lot of us vs them mentality. I remember a few years back my grandma, who was going on holidays to Spain, told all her friends she was going "to Europe" for two weeks. :/

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