Is it safe to travel?

Discussion in 'Grenada' started by jacinthemilton, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. jacinthemilton

    jacinthemilton New Member

    Is it really safe to travel and visit Grenada?
  2. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    No place is ever totally safe, but if you stick to the touristy areas and stay smart, you should be fine. My friend is in vet school down there and he's had no problems whatsoever. He did see a naked man with a gun the first week he was there, but that was it!
  3. cleana-clena

    cleana-clena New Member

    the small island of Grenada? is it safe? what do you expect to happen to you in such a beautiful place? there are million places that you could ask about being safe but asking about safety in little Grenada is so random. what's the world come to nowadays that people are so paranoid about their safety? are you safe in your own home? get out there, explore the world and enjoy only live once;)
  4. Xena-6778

    Xena-6778 New Member

    is it safe to travel to Grenada

    i think the original poster may have a point about asking about safety since the us troops invaded this lovely island back in the 80's. i think safety today is got to do more with asking yourself..does the country im going on holiday run the risk to be invaded or become a war zone within weeks? I've never been to Grenada but i've heard is a wonderful place...

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