is Krabi more enjoyable than Phi-Phi?

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by beybey, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. beybey

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    I read somewhere that Phi-Phi is popular with surfer people and that Krabi is more laid this true..if I don't like surfing will Krabi be best?
  2. Ruby

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    There are several Phi-Phi Islands, and the most touristy one is Ko Phi Phi which was the set for the movie 'The Beach' with Leonardo Di Caprio.

    Phi Phi Don is probably the best out of all of the Phi-Phi islands to find peace and quiet on Phi Phi but don't expect paradise beaches everywhere you go in Phi-Phi. There are also nice hotels in Krabi, depending on your budget, though I'd say that Kata on Phuket is a very good place to base. From there, you can take a trip to PhiPhi Don on the Ton Dolam side for a few days.

    It's best that you manage your expectations of Phi-Phi and consider better choices in the Phuket/Krabi vicinities.
  3. Elle

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    I would recommend to go PhiPhi only in low season. High season its so full of tourist's, that cannot find any peaceful place there. 'The Beach' Beach Maya Bay is quite fun experience, to see how many tourist can fit in same beach.
  4. Oi!

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    I Love Phi Phi

    I Love Phi Phi best.sorry folks! In my opinion Phi Phi has the best beaches you will ever see around the world! Honestly, everyone should go there at least once, if anything to visit Phi Phi Lee which is the beach where they filmed 'the beach' starring Leo Di Caprio. This beach alone gets hundreds of tourists during the day, and offers the opportunity for a tour there and other parts of the island where you can feed monkeys.
  5. TBH Thailand

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    Hi there. There is actually no yes or no answer to this question. Whether Krabi or Phi is best for you will depend on several factors. You need to maybe know the following in order to make a decision.

    Phi Phi consist of two major islands (major does not mean big in this sense). They are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. Phi Phi Don is the only one that is in-habitat, so this is also where the resorts are. Phi Phi Don has only one five star resort, three 4 star resorts and seven 3 star resorts. The rest are all budget accommodation or back packer accommodation. Depending where on the island you stay will depend on how relaxed or vibrant the mood will be around you. Ao Tonsai which is the entry pont for boats arriving in Phi Phi hosts several hotels. This is also the centre of all activity in Phi Phi and very busy. It can also be quite noisy and sees loads of young tourists. On the direct opposite side of the island is Ao Lo Dalam Beach. It is a little more relaxed that Ao Tonsai, but still sees a lot of activity and people. The other beaches are mostly relaxed, peaceful and quieter, but in many of these cases you would need a long tail boat ride to get to Ao Tonsai where loads of restaurants, bars and night life spots are.. What I can tell you is that there is no surfing around Phi Phi. No waves to surf. If you are a scuba diver, Phi Phi is a great destination. If you are a party animal, it is also great and then you should stay as near as possible to Ao Tonsai. But you can also have it quiet and secluded on very beautiful beaches. Daily excursions to the beautiful Maya Bay, snorkeling trips and visits to Monkey island etc is on offer. Irrespective of your reason for a visit, I recon 3 or 4 days on Phi Phi is enough time to explore the area and have some relax time.

    Krabi is only 2 hours by boat from Phi Phi. You can therefore do a day trip to Phi Phi from Krabi, check out the island and decide if you would like to stay there. Krabi is the most scenic area in the south of Thailand and you would probably need at least seven days or more to really explore and see everything. It is a paradise, it is relaxed, though the Ao Nang area offers nightlife hang outs, restaurants etc. Krabi is the understated jewel of the south of Thailand and anyone who visits here and do not visit Krabi misses out big time. Though a visit to Phi Phi is highly recommended, you would probably get more out of your vacation with a trip to Krabi. Krabi resorts cater to every requirement, whether five star or budget savvy. You could even stay in hotels in Phuket and take a boat to Phi Phi, stay two nights, the head to Krabi, stay at least five nights to make it worth your while. From Krabi you can either head back to Phuket by boat, car or plane, or fly to Bangkok.

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