is malaysia worth going to

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by lee gurr2, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. lee gurr2

    lee gurr2 New Member

    hi i have just started planning a around the world trip and malaysia is one of the destinations i would like to visit i know a bit about malaysia but not a great deal and would just like to find out more if any one could help me. I have never traveled before and i am doing my rtwt by myself so don't really know what to expect
  2. patriciamd

    patriciamd New Member

    Any place for me is worth visiting as long as there's no terrible disease or terrorists going around. Check this page out for some info on Malaysia.
  3. Keong

    Keong New Member

    Hi there...
    I am a Malaysian so naturally I will try to convince you to come visit but with all honestly, I think it depends on what interests you. If you are looking for great shopping, I think my neighboring country down south has more to offer. If you like jungle trekking, nature walks etc (like me :), then Malaysia is the place to go.
  4. khatrineluz

    khatrineluz New Member

    Malaysia people are nice and hospitable...It has nice spots and pleasurable places to go too, although the country is one of the fastest growing economy in Asia, many of the islands, mountains, lakes and rivers are still clean and unpolluted.
  5. claire909

    claire909 New Member

    Malaysia is very nice place but i would like to ask your budget & for what purpose you are going there coz there are so many packages depending on your budget.
  6. LisaGS

    LisaGS New Member

    I've been to Malaysia many times and continue to find new things to marvel at every time I go. It helps to know people there but it isn't necessary....we go off the beaten track and find that if you are prepared to do and eat as the locals do, you will be welcomed with open arms. English is widely spoken, especially in more industrialised centres. You can choose from beaches, diving, jungle trekking, mountain retreats, and of course, the amazing Kuala Lumpur with all that amazing food and shops. Taman Negara is great if you get the chance, and don't cheat and go by road - take the boat! Have fun and enjoy your trip!
  7. JohnMcIntosh

    JohnMcIntosh New Member

    Hi as for as i have concerned Malaysia is a must visit place. You can get everything there. People are very good and helping. Natural beauty of Malaysia is worth to be praised.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi, if you are a beach lover then plan your Malaysia vacation between May and September as the weather is pleasant and perfect for enjoying water sports. In addition to Batu Caves, Borneo Rainforest, Mount Kinabalu, Pantai Cenang, Petronas Towers, don't miss to visit the most exciting place Pantai Cenang. It's my favourit place and visited twice during my Malaysia vacation. Pantai Cenang is a perfect choice if you're looking for a relax vacation in Malaysia, it's a south-western tip of Langkawi and located just 30 minutes from Kuah. Pantai Cenang has the most charming beach with delightful sunset I've ever seen before anywhere, hope everyone likes Pantai Cenang :)
  9. Jbetia

    Jbetia New Member

    KL got nothing except the petronas tower and shopping is expensive too. For good beaches and good lifestyle i find Penang good and then can go to Phuket nearby in Thailand for a better experience. For shopping in Asia Thailand and china is the best.
  10. DilbertPart2

    DilbertPart2 New Member

    If you only have a week to spend in Malaysia where could that be?
  11. Galler

    Galler New Member

    I've visited Malaysia a few times, it's absolutely full of beauty. Can never get enough of Malaysia, I still plan to go back again.
  12. Ferniz

    Ferniz New Member

    im staying at singapore and i love gg to malaysia! lost of cheap and good food YUM!
  13. johnkhoo

    johnkhoo New Member

    In Malaysia, It is best to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melacca, Sabah & Sarawak. These states has the most tourism destinations or attractions.
  14. traveling2u

    traveling2u New Member

    Sure, malaysia is worth to go. Is a tropicana country, whole year with sunny, windy day. Will raining sometimes.
    Malaysia rich of natural recreation place, like mountain, beach and island.
  15. Christopher01

    Christopher01 New Member

    yes.. its really worth going to Malaysia... but shopping is a little expensive.. but there is a lot to do over there...
  16. reno27

    reno27 New Member

    yup, it's expensive to shop there.
    but, its really worth if we want to go for sightseeing.
    The Genting Highland was one of my fav place to go...

    n their Petronas tower, its so cool...

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