Is Mammoth caves worth visiting?

Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by moorwall, May 26, 2011.

  1. moorwall

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    Coming from Michigan would it be a good trip to visit Mammoth caves for 2 nights, this summer? I've never been on that side of Kentucky. It would be my brother, his wife, and kid. I've heard it's interesting, but other people say it's not. Also I'd like to take a tour of a local wiskey factory, maybe Marker's mark.
  2. Ruby

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    The Mammoth caves are beautiful and you can take the historical tour with a park ranger who will tell you about the history of the caves.

    I would suggest though to stay overnight in a Bed&Breakfast in nearby Brownsville, so you could have an early start visiting the park. Arriving at 9 am at the visitor center, there still were plenty of tours to choose from such as the New Entrance tour, which is a 2 hour tour that uses a man made entrance from the 1920s to get into the caves.

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