Is New Zealand Safe for women travelling alone or not?

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by fcAnnie, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. fcAnnie

    fcAnnie New Member

    Hi Guys

    I am planning to travel to New Zealand in January 2013. I want to know is it safe to travel alone? What king of city is? Will it be risky if i ll gold jewellery with me? I will be there for almost 1f days. So plz suggest me what should i do? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  2. shius-lie2

    shius-lie2 New Member

    New Zealand safety

    well, if you plan to be flaunting your gold chain you're inviting trouble, though that's standard everywhere. To be honest, as a woman foreigner you don't want to draw a lot of attention to yourself, though the mere fact that you're traveling on your own will bring unwanted attention at times. No matter what anyone tells you avoid hitchhiking, camping, walking at night, etc. Remember, just because NZ is an English speaking country doesn't mean it's safe for everyone.
  3. tomezaS

    tomezaS New Member

    Why'd you want to travel alone? As a male, I don't even travel by myself. I never quite get why women want to travel alone and worry about safety issues. I think NZ is safe for Europeans but I haven't heard good things about New Zealand being safe for Americans, Indians and other foreigners. Best you travel with a friend if I were you. Better be safe than sorry!
  4. fcAnnie

    fcAnnie New Member

    Hey shius-lie2 and tomezaS

    thank you both for your quick replies. I have already traveled alone in many cities. This is not my first experience. But somewhere I am not sure about my this trip. Something is fishy that either I should change my destination or should travel with some one else. Traveling alone has its own fun.

    Plz tell me what kind of city is it? What can I explore there ? What about the pubs in New Zealand? Are they not as safe as the pubs in London?
  5. HelloPitti!

    HelloPitti! New Member

    Something is fishy? lol..there isn't anything fishy about new zealand. As the last poster said, take a friend with you rather than sticking out by yourself in middle earth. going to new zealand isn't like traveling to paris or london. it's a whole world of its own!
  6. tomezaS

    tomezaS New Member

    Depends. New Zealand is very different to London or America but you should be ok if stay in the major cities like Auckland or Christchurch. Traveling can be fun but it can also be the opposite. Best you organize the trip with a tour company so you can travel in a group if you want to explore the countryside of New Zealand. Btw, i hope you're not serious about going to pubs. Do you really go to bars or pubs by yourself back home? actually, where you're from fcAnnie?
  7. fcAnnie

    fcAnnie New Member

    yes I go to pubs n discs. Just for the enjoyment. It doesn't meant that I go there fore having drinks and all that. I think you are write I should organize my trip with some travel company.So any suggestions for good and cheap travel company?
  8. jackbenny

    jackbenny New Member

    Yes NZ definitely is a lot safer than many other nations.
    crime is everywhere unfortunately, but most crime is random you cannot predict when/why it happens so i don't think its worth worrying about too much.
    on the whole NZ is a safe nation, a beautiful one too - just stay away from South Auckland as thats where a lot of the crime happens.
    Come to the south island, its much more laid back.

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