Is North Dakota exciting?

Discussion in 'North Dakota' started by 09oplkiu, May 26, 2015.

  1. 09oplkiu

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    Some say that North Dakota is not the most exciting state in the USA and to certain extent they have a point if you have been to all states. One reason to go to North Dakota is to visit Fargo because of the movie, and one cannot forget of course Teddy Roosevelt Nat'l Park for the elk, bison, antelope. If you don't fancy the trip there, a nice way to see North Dakota is from the Amtrak train The Empire Builder.
  2. Dastrips

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    If you expect North Dakota to be exciting like Orlando Florida, no. North Dakota is not exciting. Then again, that's the beauty of this state being so rustic. If you are looking for peaceful scenery and great outdoors, it doesn't get better than North Dakota.
  3. eternal9

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    In a Gallup poll, North Dakota was voted the US's happiest state in 2014. Not surprising though since taxes in North Dakota are very low...then again, without "mismanagement" of the economy and resources most places would be happy too.

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