Is there a wild party scene in Peru?

Discussion in 'Peru' started by freeflying7, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. freeflying7

    freeflying7 New Member

    My girlfriend is going to Peru with her wild girlfriends is there a big party or bar scene? Heavy drinking, Nudity, drugs or anything to be concerned about? No relationship advice please, just want to know how concerned I should be. Thank you
  2. unkle77

    unkle77 New Member

    You're gonna find drinking, nudity, drugs everywhere you go. it's just that in some places is more hidden. To be honest though, Peru isn't really the place people go for wild parties. If you have said Thailand or Amsterdam, may be. Saying this, the major cities of Cusco and Lima do have a bubbling night scene so maybe you do have to worry.
  3. Df.Tommi

    Df.Tommi New Member

    Peru isn't where people go for wild's not like a spring break destination, though like the last poster said the major cities do have nightlife with many clubs. Miraflores district of the capital city of Lima has many clubs like Gotica, Bizzarro, etc.

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