is traveling to Morocco safe?

Discussion in 'UK' started by fcAnnie, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. fcAnnie

    fcAnnie New Member

    The Arab countries many people feel that it is too dangerous to travel in some parts of the world.
    Morocco, this beautiful and varied country is one of them. The number of travelers visiting Morocco in January was much higher compare to February.
    Is it safe to travel or should the trip be post pone?

    I feel that it is safe for you to travel and visit this spectacular country. There were demonstrations on the 20th of February, but since then the situation is calm, peaceful and back to normal life.
    We have many tourists group traveling in Morocco right now and they are all happy exploring the Imperial cities as well as traveling in the Sahara Desert.
    On the other hand we had travelers that have their trip booked and scheduled to depart within the next 2 months. They all are the ones that are very worried about the situation and feel that they should cancel their travel.
    For all these, I would like to assure you that travel to Morocco is safe and there are no any reasons why trip should be canceled or post pone.
  2. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I would think that things are even calmer a year later. It seems like most of the fighting in the region is settled in Syria...I hope it gets better there soon...but Morocco has remained relatively calm.
  3. fireproof66

    fireproof66 New Member

    middle east -arab safety

    my two cents on the whole middle east -arab safety is to realize that the whole region is being the way from Morocco to Syria including Egypt, Bahrain and Libya. No place is really safe anymore and anyone can be a target!

    There's a reason for the mass civil and unrest and travelers should be aware of people's oppression in those country's and we support that rather than ask about whether it's safe or not for us to be there. The way I see it is if you're already wondering about safety about a country chances are that it probably isn't safe!
  4. morcheebaradios

    morcheebaradios New Member

    Morocco is generally a very safe country

    I hear you fireproof! Still, Morocco is luckily still a pretty safe place to go on holiday. A have been a total of 4 times to Morocco and every time I go there i learn some new. I mostly travelled by bus in Morocco as I get to meet other backpackers and locals.
  5. Lance_Leuven

    Lance_Leuven New Member

    Interesting. I'm considering travelling to Morocco later in the year and safety is my main concern.
  6. gerryw80

    gerryw80 New Member

    Its safe if you can avoid the unpredictable situations. Beaware there is public crime in Morocco, snatching, pickpocketting, avoid badly lits areas, avoid large demonstrations for your own good, Women travelling alone may attract negative attention.And bear in mind that the road safety is quite patheic there. the rest nothing too prominent
  7. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I never thought about driving in this conversation about safety. If you're unfamiliar with the roads and the driving styles, you might want to hire a driver or take public transportation. That can take a lot off your mind.
  8. mark90

    mark90 New Member

    I think the civil unrest is limited to Syria up till now and it will be followed. The demands of militants is very unique to Syria which is the liberation from the generals that were appointed by the people decades ago but Morocco has a different social and political landscape and I do not foresee any civil unrest in Morocco for nest several months and I must suggest that you should enjoy your stay at Morocco.
  9. alexpete80

    alexpete80 New Member

    There is a general threat from terrorism in Morocco. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. You should have confidence in your individual security arrangements and maintain a high level of vigilance.
  10. david92

    david92 New Member

    Morocco is considered quite better in the recent days. But i would suggest that instead of taking a risk you should better go somewhere else. There are many places better than Morocco in the world which are safer.
  11. mac12

    mac12 New Member

    Its quite risky to travel to Morocco. So, better to visit some other place.
  12. jackbenny

    jackbenny New Member

    I've been there several times the latest almost 3 years ago. It is pretty safe place, especially the tourist areas. Just like other large cities all over America there are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. If you aren't fluent in the language or don't at least speak French, then don't venture all over a large city without knowing the difference in neighborhoods, in other words stick to tourist areas. If you have someone locally who is trusted friend they will advise you of such things. When in tourist areas be careful with your purse and other valuables, such as cameras, just like you would in Paris, for example, because tourists can be targets for pickpockets. And be cautious about riding in local buses (tour buses are better), they are often involved in accidents. My favorite mode of transportation was the electric trains, which have a pretty good network of cities that they travel to.

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