is Vegas really just a tourist town?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by letsdoit, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. letsdoit

    letsdoit New Member

    I have seen raves reviews about Las Vegas as well as reviews of disappointed..i am a bit confused about Vegas now so I am not sure if going there might be a good idea if Vegas is just a tourist town with snooty hotels?

    can anyone reassure me on this? shall i skip Vegas?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    I might get a ton of flak for this but I'll have to agree that Las Vegas is a bit of a tourist town. When I was there I didn't really like it because of all the glitz and glamour and Las Vegas isn't easy to get around, trust me.

    On the other hand, it'd be unfair to say that Las Vegas isn't a great place to visit for Las Vegas shows, gambling, etc. You should visit at least once, and there is always something to see and nice to be able say you did it, just don't plan on staying long in Las Vegas

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