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    If you are looking for a place to relax and lie down with a great view, Capri is the place for you. This island is only accessible by ferry, usually from Naples, and is a getaway for many people including singers, movie stars, and just regular tourists. I saw restaurants where the owners had pictures with people like Mariah Carey and Usher. Capri is a Mountain island, with beautiful beaches on the bottom and all the shopping and hotels at the top.

    The water is extremely blue, clear and is refreshing on a hot day. There are even boat tours to take you around the island where you can see the famous Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a cave only accessible by rowboat. Once the tour guides take you in they shine a light and all you see is this beautiful blue clear water. They invite you to swim in it or just sit and take in the beautiful site. Once you are done with the tours you can check out all the designer stores on top and 5 star hotels with restaurants of every culture.
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    Any hidden gems that you could recommend for someone wanting to see? Its always to great to hear about the places not found on the Travel Guide Book Circuit
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    Actually there are plenty of islands around Naples that are considered getaways. Capri being one of them and the only other place I've been to Ischia. They're all just a ferry ride away. They're great for walking and hiking or just relaxing.
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    Re: Island of Capri and amalfi coast

    We are travelling to Italy in Novmber and wondering if Capri and Amalfi coast areas "close down" a bit then. Will it be harder to get hotels, shop and sight see in mid november to the end of november? Everything I have read is through oct and then again in dec -- help!
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    I won't necessary say it would be harder to do all those things because Capri really is such a beautiful place and its main purpose is for tourists. The only thing, since it will be during the colder months, is that you probably won't be able to lie out on the beach but that's pretty much it. I didn't even go to the beach when I went because it was pretty crowded because it was July. You might even get a discount or a special on your hotel and sight seeing tours because it is during the later months because the crowds usually go during the summer. It might not be the greatest place because most of the big hotels are closed during November. On any sunny day the sight seeing boats are ready to take you around the island.

    I was so amazed by the beauty of that island. If I had a chance I would probably go anytime of the year. Also since it is November, going into the Christmas season, Capri will probably be all decorated up. Italians are very into the Christmas Spirit. Hope this was helpful and I hope you enjoy your trip!
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    We are arriving (for one day) in Naples on May 2, 2007 via cruise ship. We want to visit the Isle of Capri and would love to go via the hydrofoil. Is there a way to reserve tickets to use the hydrofoil in advance? From what we have read, the cruise ships tend to be the only ones who can reserve them for their excursions. We just want to go it alone, just the two of us without being part of a large cruise group.

    Please reply via e-mail if possible to
    Thank you.

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