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Discussion in 'Guam' started by 12wert, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. 12wert

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    we are traveling next month to the Island of Guam and i wanted to gather more information b4 going there. we wanted to do scuba diving and water sports mainly and i was wondering if somone could tell us where in guam is a good place?..cheers
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi there,

    I would suggest going to Cocos Islandbecause it is one of the most popular places for diving. It is an ideal place to observe tropical fish, octopi, etc. Most divers recommend Cocos Island because of its clear waters and because it is ideal for diving beginners.

  3. jleeontheisland

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    I would check out MDA Guam for diving trips. Make sure you rent a vehicle if you are planning on doing water sports on your own. Public transportation is not that available. I would definitely check out Cocos Island off the southern tip of Guam (not Australia) if you have the time.

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