itineary of Namibia..please help

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    we're planning a 16 day trip to Namibia next year February. We're still planning our itinerary and we could do with some input, tips, suggestions, etc. So far, we're thinking to visit Dolomite, Halali, Mowani, Etendeka, Onguma, Swakopmund and Windhoek. How long we should spend in those places? where is the best place for a nature experience?
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    trip to Namibia

    The driving distances between some of the places you menioned are huge. For instance, the drive to Halali is about 120 miles and it will take easily a day to get there, which is a waist of time on the road. I's suggest leaving out Halali and spend a day instead in Okaukuejo or an extra day in Etendeka. Both Etendeka and Okaukuejo have a more of a nature experience plus the drive from Okaukuejo to Onguma is an easy one. By the way, is it your first trip to Africa?
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    Re: trip to Namibia

    thanks for your reply! no, it isn't. I have been to Kenya and South Africa...but was always itching to visit Namibia. I'll take your tips onboard and add Etendeka and Okaukuejo instead. On a second thought, i was wondering if it may be easier to book the trip with an organized company..what are your thoughts?
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    how long in Namibia

    16 days doesnt sound like enough time for all the places you want to visit. If you could stretch an extra 5 days, you wont regret it. Time is key when traveling to a place for the first time and want to go it alone. On the other hand, going the organized-tour route is good if you're pushed for time, though the only drawback is restriction by the guides. Game viewing is best in Etosha) but don't forget visiting the beautiful dunes at Namibia's Sossusvlei.

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