It's always Arbor Day in Nebraska City

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by mitraveler, Aug 26, 2012.

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    One of the greenest cities of the world is found in Nebraska in a place called Nebraska City. It's the home of Arbor Day...and the Arbor Day Lodge has sprouted up as an environmentally friendly place to spend the night and eat well. It has a ton of events going in the fall, like apple picking and harvest festivals, and the Arbor Day Farm Free Adventure is a family-friendly place for a hike in Nebraska City.
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    That's pretty cool! I've planted some trees from Arbor Day, and I had no idea there was so much to do in Nebraska City.
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    greenest city in America

    it's interesting because Yahoo had a campaign going called "Be a Better Planet" where they named Hastings, Nebraska, the greenest city in America, yet it is apparently also the birthplace of Kool-Aid (lol). Then again, Hastings has only a population of 30,000, so when compared to cities like New York it has an unfair advantage. anyone heard of this campaign? what are your thoughts?
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    Re: greenest city in America

    isn't Hastings a town? I did hear about Yahoo's campaign but really never to much attention. Just like Lonely Planets annual list of best places in the world, it's so bias especially since Hastings isn't a city and it's so small. Fro what I heard, Hastings is so sleepy and boring that many people have to travel 25 miles north to Grand Island to enjoy a fun day out.

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