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Discussion in 'China' started by kalifornier, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Here is my takeaway from Asia travel: DO NOT buy any ivory products. When I traveled around China I saw numerous such shops; a recent Nat Geo investigation revealed 90% of ivory used in China is coming from slaughtered African elephants and then smuggled into the country. Please don't be a part of this Blood Ivory trade. And please don't support the elephant back trek safaris either (Thailand and Vietnam in particular). Those unfortunate animals are captured, separated from the herd, tortured until they have no choice but to 'work' carrying tourists on their back all day. Opt for hiking/biking/cultural events. There are plenty of other fun options.
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    it's true what you say about animals being tortured but when you mentioned nat geo, your statement looses credibility. It's nothing but propaganda against China...other American corporations and news outlets keep bashing China publicly, yet America is in debt to China.

    The problem is the tourism industry..just like the drugs industry innocent animals and people suffer because of the demand. Tourists demand elephant back rides, safaris, etc. Because of it, not only animals get tortured but people get exploited (herd of sex tourism?). Do you really trust nat geo, cnn, fox news and the other propaganda outlets?
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    We can certainly argue about the numbers, be it posted by Nat Geo or whoever, but, I've seen those things first hand so it's not like I am relying on Nat Geo for that. I also saw ivory shop keepers telling different ideas on how to conceal ivory items to avoid customs since lot of countries ban importing any ivory items.

    And going by your logic of blaming tourism industry (tourists demand), who do we blame for ivory trade then across Asia? That's right, Asians, because they demand. Only a fraction goes elsewhere in the form of international tourists buying things.

    As far as debt...well, that's a whole another topic. The West wanted cheap (and low quality) stuff, they got more than they bargained for.
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    It sounds to me as you're trying to spread propaganda and hate towards China and Asia as a whole. Why not concentrate on what our government has done and is doing back home and overseas right now with wars in mid-east, africon, illegal invasions, immigration, war on drugs, poverty, rigged elections, inequality, prisons-for-profit, violence, fraud (bankers stealing billions and getting bailed, does that ring a bell?

    Also, what about what we demand..the West (as you put it) is the biggest consumer and demands the most. We have a big share to blame (if not all) for things going wrong in the world.
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    Nope, I am only trying to create awareness among tourists who might unintentionally support these ivory souvenir shops and elephant ride safaris.

    I agree with you on lot of the political stuff but that's outside the scope of this discussion. This is about wildlife that is fast going because of the ivory trade and the least we can do is to not make the situation worse.
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    illegal trade

    there are lots of illegal trades going on around the world...I think it's better to create awareness about all of these trades around the world and bring those responsible to justice. Blood diamonds, slave trade, aren't also worthy of bringing awareness?
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    boycott all illeagal trades

    animal suffering touches a nerve for most people so they rather not think about or pretend that it doesn't happen. It makes me so sad that animals are treated like this just for profit or serve humans. We're literary choking this world with our stupidity and this superiority complex. Without animals, plants, etc we wouldnt have a planet, let alone a home. I guess our kids will reap what we're sowing..sad indeed:(

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