Jamaica is Beautiful

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by eddiealfaro, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. eddiealfaro

    eddiealfaro New Member

    I went to Jamaica in February as part of a cruise. Jamaica is great and fun. The views from the hilltops were amazing. The jerk chicken was delicious. I went on a van ride to a nature preserve and to some small town markets.
  2. The Travel Slut

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    I'm not surprised that you loved Jamaica

    I've been over a dozen times and return every year with a group to Negril and we all can't wait to get home,,
  3. Gangsterj

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    want to go back to Jam

    did you guys do the excursion in the Dunns Falls? I did it during a short cruise trip to Jamaica and had a really fun time climbing the falls. Definitely, want to go back to Jamaica soon and stay there longer...any advice on places to stay, resorts, etc? thanks

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