Japan Alps day trip from Tokyo

Discussion in 'Japan' started by scienceplan, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. scienceplan

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    hello, we'll be going to Tokyo Japan for three weeks next year March and we'd like to visit the Japan Alps for a hike? how do we get there from Tokyo? any suggestions on the Japan Alps?
  2. Jenna

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    Let me tell you that the Japan Alps aren't an easy stroll. The summits of the Japan Alps may be lower that those in Europe but many of its peaks are greater than 3000 meters.

    To give you an idea, most climbers choose Kofu for the Southern Alps, Lina and Komagatake for the Central Alps, Matsumoto or Nagano for the Northern Alps since buses run from these stations to the trail-heads many time throughout the day.

    The Japan Alps are easily accessible by train, bus or car from Tokyo. If you choose the train option, the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo station runs to Nagano in under 80 minutes.

    By road, you're looking at three to four hours driving distance from central Tokyo by car or bus.

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