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  1. Swimmer61

    Swimmer61 New Member

    I read Ryan air are starting a service for the summer to Jerez. Does anyone know when it starts and when they will have it bookable on web.
  2. dawsoncreek

    dawsoncreek New Member

    flight to Jerez from UK

    Where are you flying from? Ireland or UK? Ryanair had a direct service to Jerez from the UK two years ago but not anymore as far as I know. Having said this, Ryanair established a base in Seville so you could catch a flight to Jerez from there fairly easy. Have you looked at Iberia or Lufthansa? They also offer direct flights to Jerez.
  3. Swimmer61

    Swimmer61 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. It is Dublin to Jerez. I have looked at Dublin to Seville as an option but if they do start a Jerez service it is a better option. I will wait to see if they announce shortly.
  4. masive67

    masive67 New Member

    ryanair dublin to jerez flight

    ryanair is still taking their sweet time in adding the long awaited dublin to jerez route to their looks like they're waiting till spring/summer to added. Anyways, I've been told by a friend who works for them that the flight will cost around £70 round trip.

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