jewelry shopping while in St. Kitts

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    While in St. Kitts be sure to go jewelry shopping. There are plenty of duty free jewelry shops in cruise ship ports such as Port Zante and in the center of Basseterre, just a few blocks away. They are similar to shops you will find in other ports of call, some are "branch stores".
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    shopping tips in St. Kitts

    reading this thread i wanted to share my two cents. Port Zante is the major shopping mall over there and the best place to buy jewellery, perfume, clothing, post cards, maps, gadgets,etc. Also, another way to avoid duty on items is to mail them back to your home address. The only catch is the item has to be $200 or less.
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    I never bought any jewels while there but the shopping St Kitts is pretty dead. Don't go to St. Kitts for the shopping, not much there aside from the Marriott stores which are nice but very pricey. I really enjoyed visiting St. Kitts it's getting kinda built up now with too many condos and hotels.

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