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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by ashoksingh, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. ashoksingh

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    I have been offered a job for PA in M/s Ineco. I have been offered salary of 2,600 SR with accommodation, medical and transportation facilities free. I have to bear the cost of food. My family is in India. How Is the deal ? How much I could save ? Any problem I may face there during stay?


    Ashok Singh
  2. Ruby

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    Hi Ashok,

    This sounds like a good deal as the overall cost of living in Saudi Arabia is similar to that in most European countries.

    There are people from India , Pakistan ,Egypt , Korea , Philippines , U.K and U.S who work in Saudi Arabia. The official language is Arabic.

    Saudi Arabia is a good place to make money and save for future use and food is very cheap.
  3. alleppocity

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    Hey Askok, it is a good considering, transportation and living costs are paid for. If you're salary will be 2,600 Saudi Riyal that makes it around 33 057 Indian Rupees...good luck!
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    I would recommend Saudi Arabia if you would like to make some money to bring back home. Saudi Arabia is also good for people who are fortunate enough to get family status to live with the family...

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