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Discussion in 'Zambia' started by Jamma, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Jamma

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    I will have just a 3 day weekend in Zambia coming up very soon - March 7-9, 2009. 2 of us will actually be in Zambia longer, but we'll be on business most of the time. We're staying in Lusaka and really want to see Victoria Falls and some wild animals over that long weekend. We do not have a car. Can we do anything in just 3 days? Any suggestions for getting to Victoria Falls as well as a short safari over that weekend? Any and all help is appreciated. The 2 of us have never been 2 africa and are a little afraid of traveling on our own.

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    Hi there,

    Zambians are very friendly and welcoming people as you can experience across the continent. As with any other holiday destinations you travel to like Europe, etc you need to take the usual safety precautions.

    The Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of Africa’s major attractions. Located in southern Africa, between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    Victoria Falls is actually around 4 hours drive, around two hours by train and around 30 minutes by plane.

    The most convenient and cheap way to travel to Victoria Falls is by train and you are looking at between $20-$50 per ticket.

    Zambia is renowned for its walking safaris allowing you to get up really close and personal with the animals.

    A walking safari allows a more personal experience with the environment. Nothing will beat walking through the vegetation led by your guide following ground sign to track the movement of a lion that passed through the area last night before experiencing the thrill of spotting one further along your route.

    Zambia tourism offers some of the best attractions in Africa. Zambia tourist attractions such the mighty Victoria Falls can be combined with other popular Zambia tourism pastimes such as a safari to the Kafue National Park, South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks. Zambia tourism also boats some particularly adventurous sports. The hub of Livingstone is a spring board for activities like white water rafting, canoeing, abseiling and paragliding

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the very valuable information. Is there a particular tour company or companies that you would suggest we contact to nail something down?

  4. egyptsrose

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    You are going to LOVE Zambia!! I stayed at the Royal Livingston and there is so much to do!! 3 days may not be enough. If you take Bush Tracks Tours, they keep you busy. Ride an elephant through the bush, the Zambesi River ride, Victoria Falls, I will check my diary and reply in the next 3 hours.
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    What a great time to see Victoria Falls. The water levels are high between Dec. and July. They call it the smoke that thunders and the Zambezi river flows through six countries. You can either take a train or motor coach from Lusaka to Victoria Falls. In the Livingstone area, there are Zambezi River cruise at sundown where you can view the very large hippos in their natural habitat, variety of exotic birds and hot and cold food with a bar and waitress service, helecopter rides, jet boating, white water rafting, local jeep tours and cultural tours. Zambia prior to 1964 was considered northern Rhodesia and their independce day is 10/24/1964. Again, this is from my diary I kept so some information may not be completly accurate. The most amazing and largest barbecue I ever attended was next door to the Royal Livingstone. If you have the opportunity to stay there, it is well worth it!!! At times the people will ask for money, most of them were interested in pencils and tee shirts, so I brought both with me and gave them to the locals in the market. Hope this helps! ENJOY!!!!
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    Thanks for the wonderful news! Our trip got delayed so we will actually have about 5 days to ourselves and plan to take the bus from Lusaka to Livingstone. We are scheduled to stay at The Livingstone Safari Lodge which seems to provide safe and more authentic accommodations. I will post info after we return to let others know what did and did not work for us!

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