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    I just came back from Fiji so wanted to leave a few tips for anyone thinking about going to Fiji from US:

    1) If you can try flying on a 747 for comfort (seating arrangements are 3-4-3 seat rows, which is great).

    2) If you are landing in Nadi, make sure you choose a seat closest to the exit because the immigration at Nadi is staffed only by 4 people so clearing 500 people coming out of a 747 will take long

    3) Buy water, liquor or beer at the airport duty free rather than at the resorts because it is much cheaper there

    4) Transfers from Nadi to your hotel cost consists of hotel shuttle buses and private cars. Most hotel transfer charge around $80 (F$147); while private cars charge $55 (F$100).

    Hope this helps
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    trip to Fiji

    Boy oh boy...Drinks at resorts are pricey but over in Fiji is extortionate, which is why everyone recommends purchasing spirits at the duty-free in the airport in Nadi.

    When to go to Fiji is also very important, though there's always the risk of the weather not cooperating even during the good months. Most people go during the rainy season and have a great trip. I went at the end of the rainy season and there were a couple of not-so-great weather days, but it was still good weather.
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    eating out in Fiji

    What I can say is that eating out there is very cheap...you can get a meal for around $2 from street vendors or pay around $5 for a restaurant meal. Saying this, if you book the right accommodation it will include at least three meals per day.
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    My tip for anyone going to Fiji for longer than 10 days is to spend half of their vacation in Nadi and the other half near the Coral Coast or to my favorite mainland resort Wananavu at Rakiraki, which offers great snorkeling and good food.

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