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Discussion in 'Kansas' started by Evan61, May 29, 2018.

  1. Evan61

    Evan61 New Member

    Hi !

    I'm heading to Kansas City for a weekend trip in late Dec with my 2 kids, and would like to know the most interesting/famous water parks in and around Kansas City .... Also, need information on hotels or nice resorts.. any feedback would be appreciated... Thanks.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Kansas offers many things to do & see, especially the amazing waterparks. All waterparks offers plenty of activies, exciting water slides and more for all ages. The Bay Water Park, CoCo Key Water Resort and Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark are some of the largest water parks in Kansas City. Check out Kansas City Hotels page for more details on accommodation.
  3. Evan61

    Evan61 New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    Where is Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark located? Are there any nice hotels near this park?
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator


    Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City is located in Kansas City, that is in State Avenue next to the Village West shopping and entertainment district. You can go easily by car. Just check out Kansas City Hotels for nice hotels near Schlitterbahn Waterpark.
  5. magizoe

    magizoe New Member

    Last year, during my visit to Schlitterbahn Waterpark, I stayed at the Schlitterbahn resort which is located in New Braunfels. This resort offers wonderful accommodation with great amenities like unlimited waterpark access during your stay. There are many vacation rentals, condos and homes available near Schlitterbahn Waterpark. The park wasn't very busy when we visited, and we really enjoyed the variety of rides, especially the master blaster ride as well as slides and river rapids. Schlitterbahn Waterpark is a perfect for a relaxing family vacation. So don't miss it!

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