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    we're looking to enjoying some Kayaking in Fiji and i wanted to ask if you guys know how to organize one of these Kayaking in Fiji? Also, what are some of the most popular places for kayaking in Fiji?

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    hi there,

    Most of the beachfront resorts offer kayaks for their guests to lounge around the beachfront.

    If you're looking to experience more than just lounging around the beach or the pool all day, your best bet is Fiji kayaking tours.

    With a Fiji Kayaking tour you will not be staying in a resort hotel as you'll be out in remote areas where you will need to be prepared to camp out over night or stay in the villages.

    Also, Fiji kayaking tours usually are through touring companies that offer single or double kayaks along with all the gear you will need. The tour groups are also limited in size, so be sure to make your reservation in advance for any of the Fiji kayaking tours you may wish to enjoy.

    Some of the most popular places for kayaking in Fiji include all the beautiful blue lagoons, the Yasawa Group of the Fiji islands, and even the rivers.

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