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    We have some good discussions going here about Kazakhstan, but haven't said much about hotels. Most of the hotels are located in Astana and Almaty, the two major tourist cities in the country. You'll find hotels to suit all budgets and vacation plans, including luxury resorts Kazakhstan hotels provide a comfortable place to anchor on your visit.
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    I was in Almaty for a two week vacation and stayed at a spot called Hotel Turkistan which was on Makataeva St. The hotel was cheap..I think it worked out about 20 U.S. dollars per night. Overall, it was nothing special but it was clean enough.
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    list of hotels in Almaty

    the city of Almaty is actually the best place to stay because the bulk of hotels in the country are located mostly there. Saying this, Almaty isn't as cheap as you may...many hotels range between $158 and $316 per night.

    The cheapest hotel in Almaty is the Turkestan Hotel ($20 p/night) which is the one the last poster mentioned. Medium-priced hotels include the Tan Sholpan Hotel ($68p/night), the Almaty-Sapar Regency ($87p/night) and Hotel "Alma-Ata" ($102p/night).

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