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Discussion in 'Kazakhstan' started by awsomee, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. awsomee

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    im looking for info on visa application process to go to Kazakhstan..anyone's been there before? how easy or difficult is it to get a visa to Kazakhstan and how much does it roughly cost?
  2. Danny

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    Getting a Kazakhstan visa is not as straight forward as most countries. You need to get an invitation letter by a company or governmental institution in Kazakhstan. If you can't, you need to go through a travel agent to start the visa process. The price for a visa is around $40.

    Once in Kazakhstan, you must register your visa with the Office of Visas and Registration, who will stamp your passport as proof (this will cost an additional $15). Otherwise, you'll get fine or even deported!
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    traveling to Kazakhstan?

    Anyone traveling to Kazakhstan from the US should be aware that the tourist visa fee has gone up in price a few weeks ago. I think before it was about $50 for a one month tourist visa, but now that same visa is about $170. I was baffled by this so I had to go and look into to it. It seems that the huge increase for the tourist visa to Kazakhstan has to do with reciprocity (Because the US increased the tourist visa fee for Kazakhstan citizens, their government has done the same to us). Anyways, at least children under the age of 16 do not have to pay for a tourist visa.
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    Kazakhstan is one of those closed countries, where entire country is still ruled through the iron fist.So I guess process of Visa must be a little complicated.

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