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Discussion in 'Hungary' started by Morning_Star, Mar 24, 2012.

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    hey gang, anyone traveled to Keliti train station before? do i need to book a taxi in advance? if so, can i do it once we arrive at the station? and how much do taxis cost and who to go with?
    Also, is it possible to buy a 3 day subway pass at the train station so we can use on the subway to get to our hotel?

    Sorry for all the questions...just want to make sure i know everything there's to know before we get there:) thanks!
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    Keliti taxi companies

    there are several taxi companies you could call such as city taxi (+36-70-2-111-111), Taxi2000 (+36 1 2 000 000), and fo taxi (+36-70-2-222-222). Not sure how much you'll get charge but a taxi ride to District V should cost you less than 5 euros ($6). As far as using the metro, I would advise against it if you're carrying lost of me , the last thing you'll need!

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