Kentucky Derby may 2

Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by tempa456, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. tempa456

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    This year's Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs will take place on May 2, which is the same date the mega fight between Floyd and Pacquiao is taking place. I hear the Kentucky Derby tickets are also going to be pricey. Party passes will cost around $1,200, the lounge are around $1,600. The cheapest admission ticket will be for the "infield area" at $70.
  2. wanderer

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    It's really expensive to see the Kentucky Derby, but I am sure that it an amazing experience. If you'd like to experience the Derby without the big price tags and the crowds, there are other events throughout the year. You also can tour the Kentucky Derby Museum whenever you're in Louisville.
  3. 30lool

    30lool New Member's such a great school horse racing experience being at the Derby, even if you are not a horse person by any stretch. It definitely lived up to its hype!

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