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  1. mitraveler

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    There's something for everyone in Las Vegas and that means kids and families. It's come a long way since its beginnings when you wouldn't dare bring a kid to Las Vegas. In the last few years, resorts and attractions have added a host of things that will keep the youngest visitors happy. There's aquariums, family-friendly shows, roller coasters, a small zoo, day trips, ice cream and plenty of fun.

    What are you favorite kid-friendly things to do in Las Vegas?
  2. wanderer

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    There is a ton of fun stuff, but I just have to say the Blue Man Group. Their show is so high energy and there's nothing objectionable in the show. It was such a hoot. I loved it and so did the kids in the audience.
  3. skyscrper

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    kid friendly things vegas

    BMG is very kid friendly unless your kids are scared of blue skin, bald head and no ear-looking people (lol). My kids were petrified of them at first, though after seeing them perform ridiculous acts they warmed up to them. a few other kid friendly things you can do in vegas is seeing fountain show at the Bellagio, visit Exploration Park and Lied Discovery Children's Museum.
  4. mitraveler

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    Goodness, I bet kids could be really afraid of those strange, mute blue men! The Bellagio Fountains are a great family-friendly destination. Has anyone been to the new Mob Museum? Would that work for older kids?
  5. JaneyF

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    i would suggest V- the ultimate variety show at V theater, and popovich comedy pet theater at the same theater. Saxe theater has Nathan Burton Comedy magic too... just sent my sister in law there for her son's bday, and they all loved it.
  6. mitraveler

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    Thanks for the suggestions! The gondola rides at the Venetian are a big hit with kids too,

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