Korcula Town to Dubrovnik ferries

Discussion in 'Croatia' started by VacationBuddy, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Ferris to Korcula are only operational during the summer months. There are two ferries that can be taken to reach Korcula from Dubrovnik: the Jadrolinija ferry and the Nona Ana ferry. Thr the Jadrolinija ferry operates between June and September while the Nona Ana ferry operates only in July and August.
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    The ferry Nona Ana is much faster than the Jadrolinija ferry which is slower. Saying this, the Jadrolinija ferry is a nicer ferry because you can sit or walk outside on the deck. This is not possible with Nona Ana. Also, if water is too choppy the Nona Ana won't operate as it cannot plough through the waves.

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    I personally prefer taking the bus to Korcula as you see more and get to enjoy amazing scenery en-route from Dubrovnik. The bus services operates every day leaving Dubrovnik in the afternoon.

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