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Discussion in 'Syria' started by 34drs, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. 34drs

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    Taking a road trip from Damascus to Krak des Chevalier, so how long will it take? is it worth a visit, also i'm going to stay there for a night, so please suggest a clean, safe hotel around there. I'm traveling with my G.F so accommodation for two. thanks for the coming responses...
  2. richards

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    hello drs, our trip to Krak Des Chevaliers Syria last May was wonderful and the hotel in which we stayed in Damascus has arranged a bus trip to this castle. But it was a long journey to see the only one site, but we had no chance. The travel took 2 hours but nice. The Krak Des Chevaliers is a well preserved castle and it stands 650 meters above sea level. After walking through the entrance, we saw a small town with a large hall, courtyards, church and chapel, aqueducts and living quarters. Really it was worth a visit. But better visit early otherwise it's packed with tourists. I suggest you visit during sunrise because it's a great time to enjoy the view of the castle in a magnificent light. Hope this would be helpful. sorry, no idea on hotels.
  3. 34drs

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    is it, it will take 2 hours, no problem.anyway thanks richards for the info. on the trip even you don't have any idea on the hotels in Krak Des Chevaliers, i'll ask someone or i will wait for some more responses.
  4. 2m2pl

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    hello, few months back I made my way to Krak des Chevaliers and stayed in Al-Riad hotel, one of the nice and nearest hotels for Krak Des Chevaliers, so call at +963 33 525335 and make tour enquiries. all the best!

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