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    If you plan to visit the Auschwitz camp by train, here are some details: With the exception of the international night train (which stops at Oswiecim), all trains on this route are local Regio-category trains, which means there is no food service available though they do have toilets. On way ticket is $4 (~ 15PLN).
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    If I were you I'd get the bus as it drops you right into Auschwitz camp. The train stops a quite a long way from the camp. The bus station in near the train station and takes 1 hour 20 mins.

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    You can easily visit Auschwitz on your own, if you wish, or you can take any number of organised tours by your hotel or via Krakow's tour agencies. Make sure your tour includes a visit to the Wieliczka saltmines which are definitely worth seeing.
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    IF you search for an information about how to get to Auschwitz, I recommend our article on blog which explains everything in details :]

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