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    The Kruger National Park is far more than a safe haven for wild animals in a true wilderness environment. It is blessed with an amazing variety of landscapes which are responsible for the significant biodiversity within its borders.
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    Kruger National Park is one of thee best places to go if you want to see African animals. It's not far from Cape Town and the South African wine country, The game reserve is home to some of the most amazing creatures you'll ever see. Kruger National Park is home to leopards, elephants, lions, and plenty of other amazing creatures!
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    best places to see wildlife in africa

    Kruger National Park is definitely one of the top places to see the big 5 (rhinos, lions, etc) in South Africa, though SA isn't the only great place to do this. For instance, Etosha in Namibia, South Luangwa NP in Zambia, Okavango and Chobe in Botswana, Ngorongor Crater, Serengeti and Masai Mara are amazing places to see lots of different wildlife and spot them very easily.

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