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    hi guys, im looking for some input on Kuopio Finland and what i can expect to find there? thanks for any info in advance!
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    hi there,

    The Kuopio region has thousands of lakes and numerous forested hills and it is one of the most scenic destinations in Finland.

    When traveling to Kuopio, one of the top attractions is climbing the renowned Puijo Tower. From the Puijo tower, you can get impressive views and truly appreciate the network of blue lakes and green islands that make up the surrounding region.

    Another popular thing I can suggest it's the Finnish delicacy called Kalakukko which consists of a mostly rye bread, pork and bacon.

    One of the best places in Kuopio Finland to buy some Kakakukko is in the Kuopio Marketplace where you can sample a small piece before you buy a whole loaf to see how you like it.

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