La Romana Dominican Republic

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    we'll be traveling for our holiday to La Romana in Dominican Republic and i wanted to get some input on popular things to do there?

    many thanks!
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    hi there,

    The main tourist attraction in La Romana Dominican Republic is the 15th century Altos de Chavon village. The village is overlooking the Chavon River and the Caribbean Sea high on a majestic cliff.

    At the village you can spend hours shopping and browsing the craft workshops, various stores, galleries, and partaking of the delicious Dominican cuisine at the restaurants while strolling the cobblestone paths.

    You can also enjoy La Romana Tours which will take you through the beautiful village of Altos de Chavon and to the performing arts complex and the open-air amphitheater.

    The amphitheater has seen concerts by performing artists such as Julio Iglesias and is the host of the Heineken Jazz Festival.

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