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Discussion in 'California' started by mitraveler, Nov 7, 2012.

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    It's a much-traveled route, but now you don't need a car to make the Trip. Greyhound Express, the bus company's premium line, launched new service today that connects Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    There are five departures daily, except for weekends which will have seven. The fares could cost anywhere from 25 bucks to 68 with a few promotional seats for $1. The route includes WiFi and reserved seating on the trip from Los Angeles/
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    if you can afford it, just fly to Vegas and be there in one hour. Honestly, the traffic jams when driving out of LA and into Vegas are very annoying even on the bus (Traffic in Los Angeles is heavy on weekdays during the morning and evening rush hours, and weekends) and the five hour drive isn't worth the bus ride, unless you can get the $1 deal.
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    getting from LA to Las Vegas

    Flying to Vegas from LA was a joy a decade ago. Now with the TSA gropers and security airport farce flying to Vegas is pointless unless you live, say, on NYC. Driving is about 4-5 hours, yes, but trust me. By the time you go through security, get on/off the plane, and then get from the airport to your destination, it probably takes overall 4 hours.
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    LA to Las Vegas by plane

    I like driving or busing it to Vegas because of the open desert scenery. Saying this, flying isn't much more expensive if you choose good dates. I flew Vegas to LAX for around $140 round-trip with Southwest, though if I'd waited a few more days I could have got it for $90 RT. The flight was in total 70 minutes, and luggage pick-up may be 10 mins. Grabbing the free shuttle bus out to the car rental place was may be another 10 mins.

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