Labor Day travel?

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by wanderer, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Is Labor Day a good time to travel? It seems like I should enjoy the last bit of summer while we have the chance, but will it be expensive?
  2. dandelion1

    dandelion1 New Member

    Personally I do not like traveling during peak times. It's not only busy and hectic but generally more expensive to travel. Who really wants the hassle of traveling or driving on roads that are going to be jam-packed?
  3. husseycopper

    husseycopper New Member

    What kind of vacation are you looking for? ocean, lake, mountains? city, town, rural?? Do share a bit more please!
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Thanks for the questions! I never did get that Labor Day trip planned...and I ended up working. But maybe this year. I would like a beach vacation, I think. I could drive to the Florida coast in a few hours or head to the Carolinas....or maybe a lake in the Southeast. Any ideas? Does it pay to book early?
  5. OZ Limo Hire

    OZ Limo Hire New Member

    I am also would not be like to travel on labour day.
  6. verburg123

    verburg123 New Member

    During Labor Day will be tough. A lot of Americans will travel right before or during Labor Day.
    But booking early is cheaper, definitely! If you have a car, I would recommend somewhere relaxing near a lake, but if you really want a beach vacation, than I would say near Delray Beach, because it's the most relaxing beach I have ever heard of. Also, a place further a (big) city is much cheaper for a night.
  7. Toursanak

    Toursanak New Member

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