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    if anyone has been to Lake Michigan could you share your thoughts? i just like more information on what things to do. Thank you
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    Hi there,

    Lake Michigan is the largest freshwater lake in the country and because of the beautiful shores and picturesque towns it draws a lot of visitors who are looking for a relaxing and comfortable experience.

    If you like camping and hiking, Lake Michigan offers the ideal spot to carry out outdoor activities such as jet skiing, rent a paddle boat or kayak

    In fact, the lake draws plenty of fishing enthusiasts looking to catch steelhead, largemouth bass, etc.

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    i love lake michigan

    I live about 10 miles from the lake michigan, and I can say I love it! It's not salty like the ocean, so it's comfortable for a swim. However, it's not that warm, but you get used to that pretty quickly.

    There are lots of charming towns up and down the coast, and many of them are quite chic. Traverse City is a foodie town, while Sagutuck is an artist's community.

    Holland has a great downtown and the Big Red lighthouse. Grand Haven's shopping is right on the water, and Muskegon has miles of open beaches. The beaches have clean, tan sand that feels great under your feet. You won't find a lot of built up shore line, just public beaches and cottages for rent.

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    I took my mom to Lake Michigan last week and a friend who visited from Belgium just this week. Both of them loved seeing the lake, even if it was too cold to swim. Both were awed by the vastness of this truly great lake!

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