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Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by 34drs, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. 34drs

    34drs New Member

    I have read in many books and travel sites that Nicaragua has the biggest sweet water lake and would like to visit, is there any good place to stay in and around the lake? if so please let me know.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Yes it is, Lake Nicaragua is the Nicaragua’s largest sweet water lake and covers 8264 km². It's the world 21st largest lake and has 1000's of ocean living animals. It's also home to Nicaragua lake Shark, so just explore it!
  3. 34drs

    34drs New Member

    Sounds good, but need info. on places to stay near Lake Nicaragua:))

    thanks advance.
  4. christy

    christy New Member

    hi my friend, you can stay either in Moyogalpa or Altagracia in Lake Nicaragua but we have stayed in Villa Paraiso, one of the hotels in Santo Domingo beach, it was very nice & comfortable for our family trip, so you too can try to stay in Santo Domingo beach. Just hire a ferry from lake Nicaragua and it'will take you to Santo Domingo Beach, which is just two hours away.have a good trip!
  5. 34drs

    34drs New Member

    My friend said that there is a valcano in Santo Domingoi, is it true, is it a live one?
  6. Arcos

    Arcos New Member

    I guess your friend was talking about Maderas Volcano?

    Don't worry it is extinct!!
  7. 34drs

    34drs New Member

    oh! i missed it, really I'm very excited to see any of the live volcano, is Nicaragua has any live volcano, if not then which country has the live volcano? i want to go...

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