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    it's funny to still hear about Belarus as "The North Korea of Europe" in the western media about this beautiful country. Having been there last month I wanted to share my experience landing there for those of you having in mind going to Belarus for the first time.

    Your initial impression of landing at the Minsk-2 ( the only major international airport in Belarus) will be a little intimidating (unless you've been to Russia before) because you won't be used to the imposing figures of customs officers in huge hats who never smile at you. Don't worry though, they won't bite unlike the TSA;)
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    Minsk 2 Airport security

    Lol, you ca never forget those tall fur hats worn by the border officers..I think what makes arriving at Minsk airport so scary is the negative preconceptions of the place. I never had issues there. People need to remember that this airport has a system of green and red channels at the airport for declaring of goods as well as a double security control for passengers of international flights.
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    I remember upon landing at Minsk the terminal building looks really impressive from outside, but from the inside is almost like a different's like stepping into the soviet-era. the security checks are a real headache: first comes passing the visa office; second is passport control; and third is customs control. Btw, check in finishes 40 minutes before the take off time indicated in your ticket!

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