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  1. mark90

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    If I go to main land this year, I won't have much time to learn any language at least French, the most spoken language in Europe. I was wandering where I would be facing language barrier? Germany probably and Austria, so what would be the best way to counter this problem?
  2. wizardofOZ

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    common languages in Europe

    I kinda disagree there. French is the only widely spoken language in Europe, German is! Russian, English
    Italian and Spanish are also very widely spoken in the mainland. French is in the decline tbh...
  3. queengurads

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    learning German

    you're right on the money there about French. In fact, German is being taught in most European countries as a second or third foreign language (after English and Spanish). What's your main language anyways? if it's English, you will find learning German kind of easy. Since English is a Germanic language you'll definitely have an advantage there.
  4. trologger

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    speak English in Europe?

    Best thing is to travel with someone who knows languages or, best still, learn some languages too. If you're only an English speaker, you're better off somewhere in Scandinavia where at least 70% of the population speak English.

    Many people speak English in Europe but in places like France, Germany, Spain, you will struggle with just English. Don't get me wrong, people will help you but in those countries most people have pride in their language and expect you to speak it;)

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