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    The Venetian Las Vegas is the first to to introduce Airport SpeedCheck Advance at McCarran Airport. The service allows guests to bypass airport lines by checking their luggage and receiving their boarding passes at the property.

    To use the service, which is administered by Bags To Go Inc., guests take their luggage to the Airport SpeedCheck Advance kiosk, which is located in the Convention Center adjacent to the Package Center. A service fee of $20 per passenger will be charged for up to three pieces of luggage per passenger. Southwest Airlines is the only carrier in Las Vegas participating in the service, but plans are in the works to expand the service with other airlines at the Las Vegas Airport.

    We'll see if it catches on.. if anyone has used the service I'd be curious to hear if you like it.
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    I posted about this on August 10 at this thread by the way....(see always the first to bring you the airport also has great features for check in and wireless internet as well..
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    I'll be damned if you didn't beat me to it and I missed your post! Thanks Ed.
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